185_ Remainder 5 Pounds from South Africa. Cape Town. Barry & Nephews Swellendam. There is no serial number due to the fact that this is a remainder banknote. Graded 67 Premium Paper Quality Superb Gem New by PCGS. Uniquely designed note in nearly perfect condition with great eye appeal! Crispness and embossing are both evident through the holder of this superb gem! This note is an example of a Victorian South African note and it belonged to a private bank. The firm Barry & Nephews traded by ship all along the East coast from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and from Port Beaufort up the Breede River to Malgas. From here it was a short ox wagon journey to the Barry trading store in Swellendam and over the Tradouw pass to Barrydale. This developed farming in the Overberg, as the overland route was a hazardous, long and expensive journey discouraging the farmers from trading with Cape Town. With no banking facilities at hand, Barry & Nephews issued their own private paper money which was freely negotiable and could be exchanged for cash at these stores and at their offices in Cape Town and London. John Barry persuaded one of the Imperial banks to extend itself to the Cape Colony. As one of its directors he assisted in opening the London and South Africa Bank in the Cape in 1860. This bank was eventually absorbed by Standard Bank of SA. The bank went into liquidation in 1865 after the death of Barry. This is a one of a kind rare note surviving more than a century in great state of preservation!

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