1970-72 100 Soles de Oro from Peru. Banco Central de Reserva. Pk 102b and serial number G77721795. Graded 67 Premium Paper Quality Superb Gem New by PCGS. Marvelous note with vibrant colors and perfect margins! The strong embossing and extreme crispness are both evident through the plastic holder. Red serial number on the front. Like number 95 but text changed to: De Acuerdo Con Su Ley Organica. 2 signatures. Series G. Church, site of first National Congress on the reverse side. A portrait of Hipolito Unanue seen on the right side. José Hipólito Unanue y Pavón (August 13, 1755–July 15, 1833) was a physician, naturalist, meteorologist, cosmographer, First Minister of Finance of Peru, Minister of Foreign affairs, Protomédico (equivalent to Minister of health combines with head of "Escuela de Medicina del Peru"), university professor, founder of the San Fernando Medical School (now the Medicine faculty of San Marcos University), representative of Arequipa in the Cádiz Cortes, President of the Junta de Gobierno (highest executive power in the Peruvian government at that time), President of the first Peruvian congress, Protector of the province of Arequipa (during the Spanish Empire), independence precursor and a Peruvian politician, active in politics in the early years after independence.

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