200/2009, 2004/2009 2009/2011, 2005/2012, 2004/2012 100, 200, 1000, 2000, 10000, 20000, 50000, 100000 numerical value from Indonesia,Pick numbers: 141j, 144f, 148b, 150b, 152b, 153b. Enclosed is a one of a kind set not only all Gem but remarkably all notes to complete the set is serial #1!!!!!!! We can not confirm this but it is possible this group was a presentation group of 6 notes from an Indonesian politician to one of our Ambassadors of US Realtions. A very impressive set. For example this set is $3000 but a US note serial # 1 sells for 3000 dollars by itself! Tremendously huge upside in growth!

Note- Due to the new and burgeoning world currency market, PCGS has not yet made public a world currency population report. PCGS is slated to publish a population database in the coming months. Until that time, Trusted Traditions World has used the PMG population reports solely as a guide to help evaluate the rarity of all of our notes. PMG grades a higher volume of world paper money submissions, so we feel this is a very accurate evaluation of rarity and scarcity. Should your needs require, we are happy to request from PCGS an exact population report on a case by case basis.

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