1922 $10 Gold Certificate with serial# H11947087 and the signatures of Speelman and White, Fr # 1173a. Graded 58 PPQ (Premium Paper Quality) by PCGS. A beautifully clean, original example, with broad margins and bright, flashy colors. Fr. 1173a, the variety with the smaller serial number, is quite a scarce note. Census records show it to be about twenty-seven times scarcer than Fr. 1173. This nice, strictly original, very lightly circulated example is a real eye-pleaser.

The small serial numbers of Fr. 1173a are 4mm as compared to 5mm for the large serial numbers of Fr. 1173 The face of this type bears the portrait of Michael Hillegas, engraved by G.F.C. Smillie from a paining by A.M. Archambault. The inscription on the face states that $10 in gold coin has been deposited in the Treasury as backing for the note and is payable on demand. Large quantities of $10 and, in particular $20 gold coins were stored in bags by the Treasury as security for Gold Certificates of various denominations. The back, printed in bright orange, includes the Great Seal within a scalloped border. Gold Certificates were also made in other denominations. The United States issued them from 1865 to 1934, in denominations from $10 to $100,000. Gold certificates were made illegal to own by Franklin D. Roosevelt when the U.S. was taken off the gold standard in 1933. Many were redeemed, but some were held for numismatic value, as allowed by the law. Unrestricted ownership was permitted again in 1971. However, the Series of 1934 gold certificate was never circulated, and continues to remain illegal to own. This is the only series of United States currency that featured the $100,000 denomination. If there is something specific you need, please contact us by email or by calling. Enjoy!!! 62016xyyxxlc.

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