1989 20 Dollars Bank Of Jamaica. Pick # 72c and serial number EU600671. Graded 66 EPQ (Exceptional Paper Quality) Gem Uncirculated by PMG. This is the only note graded by PMG according with PMG Pop Report. Red-orange, purple, and black on multicolored underprint. Noel Nethersole at left, flag in underprint at center, arms below. Bank of Jamaica building on back. Watermark: pineapple. Printer: TDLR. 144 x 68mm. Circular electronic sorting mark at left and right. .

The Trusted Traditions World Division strongly advises the additions of World Notes to your numismatic portfolio. At this time, prices realized for rare, top certified population world notes of the highest quality are 50%-75% less than the cost of comparable US notes. Often, these world notes are older, with more history and just as ornate. Globalization has brought world notes into a new market and Trusted Traditions wants to be your reliable source for this thriving market in the same way we have been for over 16 years in our US division. Note- Due to the new and burgeoning world currency market, PCGS has not yet made public a world currency population report. PCGS is slated to publish a population database in the coming months. Until that time, Trusted Traditions World has used the PMG population reports solely as a guide to help evaluate the rarity of all of our notes. PMG grades a higher volume of world paper money submissions, so we feel this is a very accurate evaluation of rarity and scarcity. Should your needs require, we are happy to request from PCGS an exact population report on a case by case basis. With any world note that you may observe, if you have any questions, thoughts or suggestions, please do not hesitate to call or email us directly. Thank you and enjoy! 31114asydudrlc.

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