November 15th 1907 $5 Northern Eletric Company San Francisco, CA Series A PMG 66 EPQ. Recently , while attending a fairly large Paper Money convention , I came across a Paper Money Dealer who was pushing 90 years old . In his display he had about 1/2 dozen Obsolete certified notes all PMG graded all gems. The first Obsolete Note was 66 and was marked $950, I asked how much for this beauty , he said $600 , to which I said OK , The next Obsolete was a 65 and he had it marked $750 , I asked again how much and he said $475 to which I said Sold . This went one for every note he had certified by PMG ,Until we came to the Note Enclosed . He had this Northern Electric Company Obsolete note marked $995. I respectfully followed the cordial precedence we already established and asked how much for this one and he said $995 . So I said but it's marked $995 and you substantially discounted all the other notes by almost 30-40 percent why aren't you giving me a bargain on this beauty ? The Dealer with more cracks on his face then a Dry Clay road , said to me , Son , ( I'm 55 years Old ) I have been in this business for almost 70 years , I paid the Northern Electric Company every month while I lived in San Francisco , for many years for electric Juice , Withstood many tremors and earthquakes. I have never seen a Obsolete Specimen of this quality ever survive the tests of Father time ! In fact , in my humble opinion , he went on to say that such a note of this quality most likely does not further exist .In my humble 16 years of selling Paper Money , I have never seen such a specimen either ! My Entrepreneur instincts immediately kicked in and I knew I just had to buy this note and be proud to repeat and tell the story to others ! . If there is something specific you need, please contact us by email or by calling. 42808atyyptkv

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